Concordia Colleges

The Beaconhouse Group has over 350,000 full time students in six countries and is the world’s largest school network of its kind. The Beaconhouse of today is much more than just a stand-alone school. Our network strives to meet the expectations of an ever changing educational industry by extending our diverse range of services to various age groups, socioeconomic backgrounds and nationalities. Concordia Colleges-a Project of Beaconhouse, launched in 2014 is one of the best educational institutions of Pakistan with its footprints in all four provinces. The college is well known for its excellent academics, outstanding teachers and exceptional results, and our students have an appetite to learn, explore and grow both academically and holistically.

At Concordia Colleges, we aim to maximise the potential and expand the horizons of each individual student. Many students struggle with obstacles such as failing to find a fulfilling yet effective career path, or adjusting to professional life after graduation. The National Gateway Programme will provide our students with exposure and access to the corporate world through motivational talks by leaders of different fields, student tours of different corporate offices/locations, and internship opportunities.

Inspirational Talk Series

Enhancing student awareness regarding career paths, we see this platform as a stepping stone towards confidence building and soft skills development for students. Hearing from seasoned professionals from the public and corporate sector will provide students with a realistic point of view, complete with words of wisdom to guide them towards success.

Industry-Academia Linkages

Helping students develop skills, apply and adopt knowledge, and build entrepreneurial awareness, this initiative will enable students to visit different offices/locations and acquire skills directly from industry experts. CSR activities and other joint marketing ventures can be collaborated on to promote both Concordia Colleges and all our partners.

Prestigious Internship Opportunities

Equipping students with relevant skills and experience, these internship opportunities will enable students to successfully transform into competent professionals. By experiencing the professional life at NGOs in particular, students will be instilled with empathy and other values. In turn, companies can benefit from the ambitions of hardworking young applicants and even assess their professional competence before onboarding them permanently.