As technology continues to rapidly evolve in the world, we believe our students can utilise it to their advantage in and beyond the classroom. The Blended Learning Approach is a combination of face-to-face interaction complemented with computer-based activities during lectures leading to an enhanced audio-visual learning experience. Using this approach, students are provided with multimedia-rich and interactive content on demand, any time of the day, seven days a week. Concordia Colleges believes that Blended Learning is an essential component for a complete learning system. Key features of the Blended Learning Approach are as follows:

  • Full provision of module-related documents in electronic format, including lesson videos
  • Highly interactive and supportive classroom sessions
  • Opportunities for students to learn collaboratively in groups
  • Regular formative assessment with feedback
  • Personal development planning

Through this advanced approach we enable our students to:

  • Gain access to all learning content during each stage of the academic year
  • Measure their progress against learning outcomes and receive supportive feedback
  • Participate in interactive learning opportunities during face-to-face sessions
  • Engage in collaborative learning which goes beyond classroom discussions
  • Create supportive learning networks accessible at any time or place
  • Better understand their progress in order to become more efficient and successful learners