Concordia Colleges

Mrs. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri

Chairperson's Message

I am proud of the role Beaconhouse has played in setting new benchmarks in education over a period of four decades. Today the Beaconhouse group has over 315,000 full-time students in seven countries, making it one of the largest school networks in the world. Over the years, our schools have helped students become critical thinkers and problem solvers, equipping them with confidence to stand out from the crowd.

Establishing Concordia Colleges in 2014 is a testament to our resilience and our strength as a world-class education institution. We feel privileged to have played a role in the provision of quality education in this country and, equally, to have made significant progress towards the establishment of an international education brand that has its origin in Pakistan. We believe that education is the right of every child. We have therefore tried to reach out as far as we could by imparting distinctive and meaningful learning to as wide a cross section of society as possible – most visibly demonstrated, perhaps, by The Educators, our network of affordable associate schools.

Project Director's Message

Project Director Message

Launched in 2014, Concordia Colleges have grown into a network that has spread in over 30 cities all across Pakistan. We are the first institution in Pakistan to offer blended learning by providing students with access to a variety of online resources to make learning an engaging and interactive experience. Concordia Colleges focus on grooming our students to be good human beings while training them for successful professional lives through the teaching of both theoretical and practical aspects.

Concordia Colleges, as a project of Beaconhouse, aspire to cater to future educational needs at a national level. Beaconhouse has been imparting quality education of an international standard for the last 46 years. We believe our vast professional experience makes this franchise partnership a viable one in providing cost-effective education to prospective students.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

Mrs. Amina Wattoo Kasuri

Mrs. Amina Wattoo Kasuri

Mr. Ali Raza

Group Director

Mr. Ali Raza holds B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and M. Sc. in Environmental Sciences. He has diverse experience of working in the Corporate, Development and the Public sector for over thirty years on varied projects ranging from technical civil engineering to management of multi-dimensional social and natural resources especially in the field of Education.

His main expertise has been in the field of Education working with the Government, Private, NGO Sector and multilateral Donor Agencies. He has been associated with the largest school network (Beaconhouse School System) for over sixteen years working as Regional Director (Pakistan and Malaysia) and Project Director for The Educators.

He has also served as the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Education Reform Program for over two years.

He is currently working as the Group Director, Beaconhouse with the mandate to oversee the overall operations of The Educators and Concordia Colleges. He was also involved with the planning and launch of yet another sister concern of Beaconhouse, United Charter Schools which started its operation in September, 2020. He is also Member, Board of Governors, Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) and National Curriculum Council (NCC).

Mr. Ehtesham Ahmed

Head of Marketing

Mr. Ehtesham Ahmed has 23 years professional experience in the field of Marketing and advertising. He has been part of Multinational and local companies. He has handled brands such as Nestle Pure Life, Nescafe, Maggi Noodles, Nestlé Professional, AVA and Fontalia (Water Category). He has been part of the Telecom Industry and headed Marketing for WorldCall Telecom Limited. Other brands that he has handled include TOTAL PARCO Pakistan, Rose Petal, Union Bank, Leisure Club and Minnie Minors. He has been part of the Beaconhouse group for more than 10 years and handles a portfolio of more than 1000 campuses that are Franchise and company owned combined. He is currently the General Manager Marketing and is looking after the brands: The Educators, Concordia Colleges, United Charter Schools, Premier Trading, PDLC, MyBagPack, The Early Years, Gymboree and Dubai based project ‘Chicken Tikka Inn’. Under his supervision ‘The Educators’ campaign ‘Save our Stars’ recently won Pakistan Digital awards “Best campaign of the year 2023”.

Mr. Malik Amir Ali

Head of Business Development & Sales

Mr. Malik Amir Ali has more than 24 years of professional experience in different sectors and in Multinational companies with a proven record of growth with Paktel (Zong), Mobilink (Jazz), Emaar, HBL and currently progressing with the Beaconhouse Group as General Manager Business Development and Sales in Concordia Colleges as previously associated with The Educators for last 7 years. He has working experience in Karachi, Interior Sindh and Balochistan with tremendous growth. He has been serving in Leading Roles with expertise in Franchise management, Retail Sales, Real Estate management, Corporate Sales and Services and recognised with a number of achievements and landmarks in his entire career.

Mr. Usman Shafqat Chatha

Head of Academics

Mr. Usman Shafqat Chatha is an accomplished educational leader with a strong academic background. He holds an M. Phil in Educational Leadership & Management from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and an M. Phil in Zoology from GC University, Lahore, where he excelled academically.

Over the course of his career, he has consistently met and exceeded quality standards and objectives in both government and private sectors, showcasing his prowess as an educational leader.

His commitment to education extends to his contributions in the realm of educational research. He has also played a pivotal role in providing teachers’ training and curriculum support, facilitating workshops for students, and actively contributing to schools and colleges development planning.


Dr. Tahir Abbas

Dean Academics

Dr. Tahir Abbas holds a PhD in Physics from Moscow University. During his stay in Russia, he learnt Russian and thoroughly studied the education system of Russia. He is a seasoned professional, commanding an excellent expertise across the domains of academics, research and administration. He served as a Physics Professor at the University of Punjab, Bahauddin Zakriya University and University of Siegen. During his academic career he has collaborated with various universities in Pakistan, Germany, Russia and more. He has conducted pivotal research while working with the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy, University of Bochum in Germany and Colorado State in the US.

He has been associated with the Beaconhouse Group as Dean of Academics for Concordia Colleges for over seven years. He is responsible for all academic and related activities across the vast network of Concordia Colleges. From appointment and training of teachers, to managing classrooms and providing a platform for holistic development through extra-curricular activities, Dr. Tahir Abbas is an invaluable asset for Concordia Colleges.

Ms. Saher Waheed

Head of Information Technology Systems

Ms Saher Waheed, Experienced and forward-thinking professional with over 19 years of specialized experience in data sciences, MIS, and IT analysis, primarily focusing on Project Management and IT applications and working with Beaconhouse Group from last 17 years. With a solid educational foundation, she holds an MBA in Management Information Systems and an MS in Project Management.

Known for her leadership in driving digital initiatives and harnessing advanced technologies, she is dedicated to enhancing business performance through strategic technological interventions. Proficient in managing diverse projects and teams, she has a proven track record in creating impactful digital content. She is adept at utilizing advanced analytics and business tools, which underscores her ability to make critical and informed decisions, further highlighting her strategic acumen and proficiency in the field.

Ms. Mehreen Ashraf

Head of Corporate Alliances and Quality

Ms. Mehreen Ashraf is a seasoned professional with a diverse portfolio of experiences. She holds M.Sc in Business Statistics from Kinnaird College for Women. She has been associated with Beaconhouse Group for more than eight years.

Currently serving as the Head of Corporate Alliances and Quality at Concordia Colleges, she is committed to foster strategic partnerships while maintaining highest quality standards. With a remarkable ability to connect and collaborate, she has made significant contributions to Concordia Colleges’ growth and development.

With over thirteen years of multi-faceted experience in operations management, multichannel marketing and the education domain, she brings a unique blend of leadership, strategic vision, and educational expertise to the table.

Vision & Mission


To provide a nurturing academic environment where students are transformed into creative, confident and socially responsible adults who are ready to take on life challenges.


Concordia Colleges, under the umbrella of the Beaconhouse Group, offer quality education, which is comprehensive and inclusive of our core values and aims to build a high performance environment with prime focus on innovative, life and problem solving skills.

Mission & Vision

To provide a nurturing academic environment where students are transformed into creative, confident and socially responsible adults who are ready to take on life challenges.

Concordia Colleges, under the umbrella of the Beaconhouse Group, offer quality education, which is comprehensive and inclusive of our core values and aims to build a high performance environment with prime focus on innovative, life and problem solving skills.



Concordia Colleges strives for a college environment and culture where all are accepted, welcomed and valued for their uniqueness. As an industry leader in education, we aspire to set an example by embodying the following core values and principles:

Faculty Members
Passing Result

Ayesha Khawar

1100 out of 1100
(Gujranwala Board)

Layba Shafique

1096 out of 1100
Lahore Board

Hafsa Manzoor

1096 out of 1100
Sahiwal Board