Concordia Colleges

Concordia’s Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the most important features of our new educational model. This system of studies relies on the LMS to facilitate all the students with viewing lesson videos and course content. The LMS also provides information to parents and students about students’ progress, attendance and their fee status. By using the LMS, students can also discuss and clarify their concepts by interacting with their teachers, fellow students and our resource persons at the Head Office, at their own convenience.

Students can discuss the taught syllabus and ask questions through the Moderated Discussion Board (MDB) and Team Disscussion Board (TDB). Teachers can evaluate students’ understanding through the Graded Discussion Board (GDB) using LMS as a Platform. In addition to this, online quizzes provide students with a number of opportunities to think beyond the syllabus and broaden their horizons.

Students from all our campuses can participate in these quizzes and learn through healthy competition with their peers. Their feedback on the LMS is directly monitored at the Concordia Colleges Head Office, which provides them with the freedom to communicate and share their ideas and thoughts. In this way, Concordia can claim to provide a standardised education model across its different campus locations.

The students who are already registered with our LMS Portal can login here.