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Concordia faculty and staff will create and support a college environment and culture where all are welcomed, accepted and valued for their uniqueness. As an institution, we aspire to lead as a role model in several ways.

  • We are the first in Pakistan to provide each student with modern technological tools such as tablets.
  • We will also provide educational videos of complete courses to allow students to review lectures as often as they like.
  • Recorded videos of subject experts and trained subject instructors will ensure that the standard of instruction and learning is the same at each Concordia College.
  • An interactive learning approach will allow our students to acquire and master problem-solving techniques.
  • Our Learning Management System (LMS) will be an additional resource for meeting our students’ academic needs.
  • Moderated online discussion forums will be available to support students during and after college hours.
  • The LMS dashboard will provide information to parents to monitor, gauge and evaluate a student’s performance on a regular basis. This evaluation system will also maintain up-to-date progress and participation reports for students.
  • Concordia College will provide incentive-oriented career development guidelines.